Lesson #114: Mini-lesson Monday (Part 2): Charles Dickens and How Vocabulary ‘Groups’ Create a Strong Atmosphere in Your Writing

Mini-lesson Monday, part 2:

2) While having the definitions of difficult vocabulary does help us to understand the passage, the most important thing when reading this paragraph from the opening pages of Bleak House (see previous post) is to focus on the repetitive word ‘FOG’ and how Dickens wants you to FEEL about it. So the repetition of ‘fog’ (especially in association with the setting of London) creates a memorable atmosphere from the start.  

✍️ All his descriptive phrases are emphasising one point: can you guess it?

I will be covering more ways to read and improve your English through literature in an upcoming lesson series. 

But for now the answer to the above question is: the fog is dirty, it is everywhere, it is almost suffocating.

A mysterious beginning, is it not?🧐

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by Joyce E. Gibbons

English language tutor and researcher at 'Learn English Through Literature' (2021)