Lesson #112: Can Handwriting Actually Help You with Your English?

I was listening recently to a thought-provoking podcast by Italian teacher Lucrezia Oddone, where she talked about the importance of HANDWRITING texts that you would like to memorise. 

In the process of writing a passage by hand, she says, you are present and attuned in an unique way to each word that you write. Handwriting is a coordinated activity that stimulates your brain more deeply than would be possible through typing alone. 

I am encouraged to hear this, since I have actually been keeping notebooks for a few years filled with passages of texts or entire poems that I would like to memorise. 

Many years ago I heard that one of the best ways to improve your writing is to READ and MEMORISE lots of poetry.

Well, this has not been a difficult advice for me to follow, since I have always loved poetry!

I am sharing a photo of some of my homely copies of Emily Bronte’s ‘Plead for Me’ and Robert Frost’s ‘Design’ – both of which are short, pithy poems.

✍️ Do you like to write by hand? Have you ever considered using this technique to memorise more, whether English texts or texts in your mother tongue that are important to you? I would like very much to hear about your own experiences with pen and paper – you are welcome to share them with me, if you like.

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by Joyce E. Gibbons

English language tutor and researcher at 'Learn English Through Literature' (2021)